coming soon... a video game with adventure, educational interest, life precepts...

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Maneena, who likes participating in surviving games and also enjoys exploring new worlds. The story begins when she finds a hospital and an orphanage that need funding to complete their construction.

Finding secret keys that send her to other worlds allows her to participate in various challenges, earning coins and valuable trophies! This is how she can help in these constructions!

The levels of the game are the following:

a. the home level, separated in 2 sublevels - a small town and a village - in which Maneena searches for keys that will take her to other worlds. If she manages to survive in these worlds, she will earn coins to contribute for the completion of the orphanage and the hospital constructions, and view their growth brick by brick.   

 b. a car drive level through a desert with a faulty car. Be aware, time is passing; we have to be quick, but also patient, if we want to meet our target.    

 c. a mountain ride with an off-road vehicle. Be quick and gather as many coins as you can, but also be careful because as we climb the road gets narrower and more dangerous.   

d. a multiple choice question card level, in which we give the player some time to answer questions of general knowledge. Wrong answers result in additional questions coming up, until the proper number of questions are answered correctly.   

e. a dark tunnel level, in which Maneena has to find the way out. The only way to turn the lights on is to give correct answers for every key. Don't be afraid if you don't know the answer, because we will get more chances to give the right response.    

f. a labyrinth level, full of walls. Give the right answer to the questions and the walls will explode leading us to the exit.   

g. a shooting level, having to shoot at the wall bricks and clear our way.  

The most important goal of a video game is to keep the interest of the player at high levels. We make our games with this in mind, but our deeper objective is to give the player something more than just an adventure or knowledge. We wish to make the player appreciate and embrace the values and merits of caring for and giving to others, especially those in need. We believe that young people need to have more good role models  that will affect them in a good way and make them valuable members of society. 

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