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Virtual Technologies started as a Design and Construction Team of engineers.

Soon is expanded its services...

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Video Games
Video Games

We look forward to publish soon our very nice adventurous, but also educative video game.


Our team is constructing a new 3d animation movie, for kids and not only!!!


You can rely on us for a new android - ios software, or even make your professional website at the lowest prices


Fix your desktop computer/laptop problems - damages or make an improvement. Keep in touch for low price laptops or other computing staff.


Education with Virtual Technologies

Teaching Center by Virtual Technologies

Attend our seminars and take a knowledge certificate from the Ministry of Education.


Should i make an animation or a video game?..

You just choose, we construct

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Building my video game

Oh i wonder how difficult it is to builds my own game...

Respect your computer

Your computer's cooling systems usually contains of a fan. This fan pulls and throws air on the...

Ασφάλεια στις πληρωμές σας μέσω της Τράπεζας Πειραιώς


Be a specialist

How about learn your favourite subject and be a specialist in just a few hours of training?

Wouldn' t you prefer to construct your own game, rather than play one? Or maybe become the trouble fixers of your computer, avoiding large payments?


Expert People

Passionate People on Our Team

In whatever way you decide to cooperate with us, you just keep in mind that specialized people who love their job will focus on your problem with the best way.

Ασφάλεια στις πληρωμές σας μέσω της Τράπεζας Πειραιώς


94 Vassani st, 38333,
Volos, Greece

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