The real creativity moment is the time we travel to another world of our fantasy... It is the time that we create a new video Game! Our games are made using Blender 3d and Unreal Engine. Much structures and 3d environments are made in AutoCAD and 3dSmax.

Our deeper need is to make games in which the player shall enjoy, but at the same time learn a life lesson. Furthermore we construct educational apps, made in such a way that the player feels like playing. :)


Screenshots of simple worlds, of designing and playing


111.jpg 112.jpg 113.jpg 119.jpg 126.jpg 130.jpg 131.jpg 133.jpg 136.jpg 138.jpg 142.jpg 144.jpg 145.jpg 147.jpg 150.jpg 153.jpg 156.jpg 51.jpg 51a.jpg 51b.jpg 51c.jpg 52.jpg 53.jpg 54.jpg 55a.jpg 55b.jpg 55c.jpg 56.jpg 57.jpg 58.jpg 58a.jpg 59.jpg 60.jpg 61.jpg 62.jpg 63.jpg 64.jpg 95.jpg gaming51.jpg gaming52.jpg gaming53.jpg gaming54.jpg gaming55.jpg gaming56.jpg gaming57.jpg gaming58.jpg gaming59.jpg gaming60.jpg gaming61.jpg gaming62.jpg gaming63.jpg gaming64.jpg gaming64a.jpg gaming65.jpg gaming66.jpg gaming67.jpg gaming68.jpg gaming69.jpg